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Wolf Fangs Shirt
Fangs Wolf Shirts
American Flag Wolf Shirt
American Flag Wolf Shirts

Wolf Shirt Fade

Wolf Shirt Moon

Wolf Shirt Hunt

Wolf Shirt Family

Wolf Shirt Moon

Wolf Shirt

Wolf Shirt 

Wolf Shirt Sunset

Wolf Shirt

Wolf Shirt
Wolves In Grass Shirt
Grass Wolf Shirts

Wolf Shirt
White Wolf Shirt
White Wolf Shirts
Wolf Paw Shirt
Paws Wolf Shirts
Wolf Portrait Shirt
Wolf Portrait
Wolf Spirit Shirt
Spirit Wolf

Black and White Wolf

Full Moon

Wolf Gaze
Wolf Fangs Shirt
Fangs Wolf Shirts

Wolf Shirt

Wolf Shirt

Wolf T-Shirt

Wolf Shirt

Wolf Shirt

Wolf Shirt Camp Fire

Wolf Shirt Hunter

Wolf Shirt Protector

Wolf Shirt Spirit

Wolf Shirt Moon

Wolf Shirt Wilderness

Wolf Shirt Howling

Wolf Shirt Fen

Wolf Shirt Golden Eyes

Wolf Shirt Dragon

Wolf Shirt Feather

Wolf Shirt Mates

Wolf Shirt Eyes

Wolf Shirt Eyes

Wolf Shirt Pathfinder

Wolf Shirt Face

Wolf Shirt Leader

Wolf Shirt Lake

Wolf Spirit Moon
Animal Feathers

Phoenix Wolf

Wolf Spirit Shield

North American Collage
Dreamcatcher Wolves

Pride Rock
Autumn Encounter

Night Wolves Collage
Wolf Runner

Moon Wolves Collage
The Guardian

The Guide
Black Wolf Spirit Shield

JTAC Lonewolf
JTAC Wolfpack

Wolf Spirit Warrior
Wild Spirit Maiden

Wolven Roots
Patriotic Wolfpack

Aurora Wolf Pack
Three Wolf Night

Find 12 Wolves
Find 13 Wolves

Blue Moon Wolves
Find 10 Wolves

Find 9 Wolves
Full Moon Gravity

Defending the Pack
Moon Soloist

Wolf Night Symphony
Wolf Tree Silhouette

Northern Wildlife Collage
Wolf Moon Concert

Black Wolf Face
DJ Night

White Wolf Face
White Wolf DJ

Singing Lessons
Dream Wolf

Celtic Wolf
Friendly Wolf Face

3 Werewolf Moon

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Wolf Shirts made from 100% cotton and are hand-dyed, high quality garments. All shirt designs are made from water-based inks. The printing process gives these t-shirts a soft feel; unlike the heavy plastic "shield" created by most screen printing companies.

Washing Instructions for wolf shirts:
Prior to wearing, wash separately in cold water.
1. Turn garment inside out.
2. Set wash temperature to cold.
3. Line dry or tumble dry low.
4. Do not bleach or dry clean.

Washed and dried in a dying process so there is no noticeable shrinkage.



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